Announcing our First-Year Scholarship Winners

Recipients of the first annual MFTAC scholarships (left to right): Sidney, Tyler, and Trisha

MFTAC was founded by Andrew Divoff with the great help of Robin Bull (Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce president), John Connor (owner of the Tudor House),  and Mary Justine Lanyon (former Editor in Chief of the Mountain News.) The scholarship is designed to help individuals living in the mountain communities to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Andrew has these updates to share via his Facebook page:

“Please say hello and congratulations , from left to right, to Sydney, Tyler and Trisha. These young people are the first ever recipients of the Mountain Film and Theatre Arts Committee Scholarship (MFTAC).

The scholarships were awarded on May 23rd past [2017], and these students are no doubt awash with the hopes and dreams of what is to come. I have told them they will always be welcome to come back to their home ground and share their experiences with the community and with those students who hope to follow in their footsteps. …All of them are putting their scholarships to good use. Most recently, Trisha tells me she is studying with Michelle Greene – of LA Law fame and a community member – and intends to further her studies at University level.

I am reaching out to you now to thank you for your support and so that you might see the faces of those young lives you have helped to inspire with your generosity…”

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the application period for MFTAC’s 2018 scholarships.

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